Gwyn Morgan takes a run at China – in the Financial Post

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Coal-burning power generation plants make China the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

China has pledged to turn itself into a green energy champion by replacing those coal plants with wind and solar power. But a joint report by the U.S.-based Global Energy Monitor and the Helsinki-based Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air found that China built three times more coal-fired electrical capacity in 2020 than the rest of the world combined. Those new plants alone will soon be producing more than Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Canada converted its coal-burning plants to much cleaner natural gas years ago, leaving our manufacturers almost no room to lower emissions further.

Could there be a clearer example of strategic deception to “subdue the enemy without battle”? President Xi knows we’re addicted to China’s cheap manufactured goods, and he must be overjoyed to see the Trudeau government’s carbon taxes and costly green power plans make it even more difficult for our manufacturers to compete.

He has us exactly where he wants us, and no amount of indignation over hostage diplomacy, Uyghur forced-labour camps or his other outrageous behaviour will change that. His words “the East is rising, the West is declining” couldn’t be clearer. Yet the Trudeau government continues to naively accept his green assurances.

What [would a].. Conservative government do? Would it encourage manufacturing of our own goods by transferring Trudeau’s carbon taxes to those high-emission Chinese imports? break down inter prov trade barriers …?


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